Amy the Vampire & her Sister Martina

‘Not all relationships are deep and meaningful,’ she thought, as she stood there admiring her mother’s holiday ornaments. Martina gazes over at the mantle piece. ‘Life is very disappointing if you’re not locked in a fantasy world.’

Both Amy and Martina are hypersensitive, they have bionic sensitivity. They feel everything around and inside them with incredible life and death intensity.

Amy the Vampire is a subject of adolescent suicide and sisterly behavior, a desire to be bold and a love of expressionism. Death of religion and life after death. Emotionally scarred children, not growing up. Vanity. Sadistic pleasure and romance. Shyness and fear of the self. Hormonal imbalance and insanity.

It’s the relationship between vanity and sexual prowess, insecurity, paranoia, guilt, depression, the environment and genetic codes.

Amy: ‘Becoming a vampire is a process of involvement and attachment, solitude and society, embrace and release, and, also about money and the luck to have it.’

Venue: Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin Street, Cork City, 25 November to 7 December 2002 (Lunchtime Special)

Written and directed by Gavin Quinn

Katy Davis – Amy
Ruth Negga – Martina 

“..cheeky, funny and very charming” Evening Echo

“an amusing and perceptive piece of theatre” Evening Echo