Hatch 22

“There is no space – perhaps even on earth – that Corcadorca Theatre Company cannot transform.”
Mary Leland, Irish Times

Neil O’Sullivan was the first recipient of the annual Corcadorca Playwright Award which was launched on Friday the 12th of November 1999. Hatch 22 was the script chosen earlier in the year for the Award.

The story revolves around married couple Alice and Raymond (Terry Dineen & Gary Murphy) and explores their inability to communicate with each other. Raymond has been trying to sell the same dilapidated hoover for years. Alice counts pellets in a packing factory. They find liberation in each other and in their imaginative journeys. However they are unable to truly communicate through these shared fantasies. A single cataclysmic event dashes all their hopes and throws their inability to communicate into sharp relief. How can they resolve their difficulties and find healing when they cannot admit to themselves that their problems even exists?

Neil O’Sullivan, the 1999 winner of the Playwright Award, has been writing and performing since 1990. He has published collections such as The Book of Visions and Honey, my Head is on Fire. Neil is also a talented actor, having featured in both film and theatre.

Hatch 22 was workshopped and developed closely with Director Pat Kiernan.

Venue: Granary Theatre, November 1999.

Written by: Neil O’Sullivan
Directed by: Pat Kiernan

Stage Manager – Mick Heffernan
Set Design – Cliff Dolliver
Sound Design – Cormac O’Connor
Lighting Design -Ciaran Hegarty

Terry Dineen – Alice
Gary Murphy – Raymond