The Merchant of Venice

With its long history of merchant classes, its busy port and river channels bisecting the city it made sense to us to see Cork as a kind of modern Venice. To quote Pat Kiernan, Corcadorca’s Artistic Director, “In choosing to produce ‘The Merchant of Venice’ during Cork’s designation as Capital of Culture it is our intention to examine the city as it is today, particularly within a European context. How we judge the caskets in Belmont (“All that glistens is not gold”) or Shylock (“Hath a Jew not eyes?”) is a central theme in the play. It seems appropriate to look at ‘The Merchant of Venice’ at a time when in Cork and Ireland we find ourselves suddenly exposed to different resident cultures and colours. How tolerant and welcoming are we?

This was a promenade production, with the audience walking from site to site.

Nominated for Best Production in the 2005 Irish Times Theatre Awards

Venue: Old Irish Distillery (North Mall), City Courthouse and Liberty Street, 14 to 25 June 2005.

Sponsored by Murray Ó Laoire Architects
Corcadorca Theatre Company - Sponsor

Written by William Shakespeare
Adapted by Jocelyn Clarke
Directed by Pat Kiernan

Assistant Director – Joanne Beirne
Production Manager – Joe Stockdale
Assistant Production Manager – Eoin O Cathain
Stage Manager – Rose-Anne Kidney
Assistant Stage Manager – Niamh O Meara
Lighting Design – Paul Denby
Set Design – Roma Patel
Costume Design – Joan Hickson
Composers – Mel Mercier and Linda Buckley
Video Production – Mick Hurley

Mark D’Aughton – Bassanio
Eileen Walsh – Portia
Jerzy Gralek – Shylock
Conor Moloney – Gratiano
Ewa Szumska – Jessica
Niamh Linehan – Nerissa
Paul Mulcahy – Lorenzo
Damien Devaney – Salanio
Sean Duggan – Salarino
Brendan Conroy – Gobbo
Anthony Morris – Launcelot Gobbo
Enrique Fonseca – Arragon
Ryszard Radwanski – Tubal
David Ugo – Morocco