Far Away

Beautifully directed by Pat Kiernan, Churchill’s naturalistic dialogue is chillingly delivered by Roddy and McLynn…an unforgettable production.

~Fiona Charleton, The Sunday Times, 25th June 2017

This bleak and provocative scenario is articulated with conviction by Pauline McLynn, Manus Halligan and Judith Roddy while director Pat Kiernan’s late evening timing is justified by the imaginative power invested in these expanses of bastions, prison yards and parade grounds.

~Mary Leland, The Irish Times, 19th June 2017

With Mel Mercier’s perfectly modulated sound and an immense feat of lighting and set design by Aedín Cosgrove and Paul Keogan, director Pat Kiernan and Co have this time taken a cold, spooky little play and turned it into a powerful gothic opera.

~Liam Heylin, Evening Echo, 20th June 2017

The Same

Insightfully directed by Pat Kiernan, this is an unforgettable, if unnerving, experience

~Fiona Charleton, The Sunday Times, 19th February 2017

It is unsettling, compelling theatre with two masterful performances and thoughtful, innovative directing and staging.

~Josef O’Shea, The Irish Independent, February 2017

…riveting, superbly realised production

~Helen Meaney, The Guardian, 15th February 2017


Sacrifice At Easter

This Corcadorca presentation reasserts the company’s supremacy in fusing location and inspiration with undeviating production values.


~Mary Leland, The Irish Times, June 29th 2016

Pat Kiernan’s whip-smart direction of McCabe’s scattergun of media, messages, codology and mysticism couched in Mel Mercier’s hugely evocative soundscape and a superb on-message ensemble make this never less than interesting and often enthralling.

~Liam Heylin, The Evening Echo, June 22nd 2016


The performances of Kieran Ahern as the obsessed Barry and Evan Lordan as the desperate Enda are as chilling as they are devastating, and the direction is beautifully understated by Pat Kiernan.

~The Irish Independent, 23rd Nov 2015

It is deeply disturbing and well executed

~Colette Sheridan, The Irish Examiner

How These Desperate Men Talk

The stories, re-told at gun-point in an attempt to find “‘something other than what we have”, are engaging. Their intricate and almost lyrical contradictions are evoked by David Pearse and Tadhg Murphy in director Pat Kiernan’s austere approach to emotional complexity. ****

~Mary Leland, September 25 2014, The Irish Times

Corcadorca’s startling production breaks this unsettling play into four scenes, each unfolding on elevated stages across the breadth of the factory. Our path between the stages is slathered in images and sounds, including a tuxedoed man pedalling a tricycle and a piercing car horn, that anticipate the forthcoming scene.

~Brendan Daly, Sunday Business Post

The Big Yum Yum

Director Pat Kiernan keeps a tight reign on this potentially combustible material and never lets it slide out of control.

~Rachel Andrews, October 9 2013, Irish Theatre Magazine

From the opening notes of Maurice Seezer’s Danny Elfman-style soundtrack , the first sight of Aedin Cosgrove’s spotlights roving through a dolls’ house for an aging family and the early moments of McCabe’s script referencing a ‘paedo’ priest and Hollywood Hot Tubs on TV, we know we’re embarking on a surreal trip.

~Liam Heylin, The Evening Echo

The Tallest Man in the World

A psychologically intriguing play.
~Colette Sheridan, June 29 2013, Irish Examiner

…Much of this piece of work is a delight…with tumbling, oozing, sensuous, powerful language, there is much to savour in the work.

…A thoughtful, intelligent and above all brave artistic voice…
~Rachel Andrews, June 28 2013, Irish Theatre Magazine

Romeo & Juliet

Pared back to it’s essence, Corcadorca’s production of William Shakespeare’s iconic love story has a simplicity and a purity that is quite beguiling.
~Colette Sheridan, October 13 2012, Irish Examiner

Kiernan has made the brave decision to cast teenage actors of less experience rather than more experienced actors attempting to appear younger, and it is refreshing to watch a Juliet, and, especially – in this instance – a Romeo, who present no hint of world-weariness or have any form of cynicism glinting from their eyes.
~Rachel Andrews, October 20 2012, Irish Theatre Magazine

The Winter’s Tale

It is bewitching: the transition from the tragedy of poisoning the Sicilian court of King Leontes to the capering rustics on the sea-coast of Bohemia is managed so skillfully that the actual construction of the drama is revealed without fracture and with a compelling suggestion that all can come right in such a world as this.
~Mary Leland, October 17 2011, Irish Times

Corcadorca, yet again, proves its pre-eminence at staging Shakespeare in a way that is engaging and visually arresting while remaining faithful to the original text.
~Colette Sheridan, October 13 2011, Irish Examiner

Bold and Brilliant…

At this stage in Cork’s theatrical history, Corcadorca are the biggest force here and they carried expectation on their shoulders last night that this production would be good. It’s better than that, it is engaging, busy, boisterous, modern funny, and moving.
~Liam Heylin, October 12 2011, Evening Echo

Request Programme

A remarkable piece, brilliantly played with intense, silent pathos by Eileen Walsh. And directed with huge subtletly and skill by Pat Kiernan.
~Emer O’Kelly,  Sunday Independent

Eileen Walsh is superb, but this is a tough play, it won’t be for everybody, and there are times when you wonder if it’s worth remaining. For this reviewer the answer is ‘yes’.
~Irish Independent


Pat Kiernan directs this visually superb and intellectually thought provoking presentation…a stunningly successful vision.
~Sunday Independent

In this immaculate reminder that love hurts, the absence of yearning is emphasised only in the water-tank, in which a goldfish with a tail like a tutu wanders in a slow metaphorical ballet.
~The Irish Times

….a play that microscopically shines a spotlight on human behaviour in it’s extreme form…a well thought out production.
~The Irish Examiner

 The Hairy Ape

Hairy Ape is a bold triumph
~Evening Echo

Corcadorca surpass even their own high standards
~Irish Examiner

The Hairy Ape is another major achievement for a company synonymous with bold and dynamic Irish theatre.
~Sunday Tribune

A tribute to Corcadorca’s intellectual as well as theatrical vision.
Irish Times

Last Beauty Spot

Bourke does not invite the obvious, and his writing here is both skilful and sinuous, something almost of a lark…
~The Irish Times

Productions standards are high in this smart and enjoyable snipe at how low Irish life can get
~The Evening Echo

poignant, evocative, brilliant in places
~The Sunday Times

Slow motion performance of a Father Ted episode, where the comedy is sleazier and nastier
~The Evening Echo


Theatre is once again beautifully served by Corcadorca but it’s quite hard to see how they’ll top this extraordinary achievement.
~The Sunday Tribune

This extremely stylish, very well acted and vividly imagined production is a high profile centrepiece of the Midsummer Festival.
~The Evening Echo

Not just a play: an experience.
~The Irish Times

Corcadorca again opened our eyes to the true possibilities of theatre.
~The Irish Examiner

The Tempest

And the verdict? Get a ticket wherever you can. The chances are, you’ll see nothing as good this year.
~The Irish Examiner

Director Pat Kiernan has again succeeded where many have failed by making Shakespeare relevant
~The Independent

Constantly rewards the captivated audience
~The Irish Times

Corcadorca again prove themselves a salient force in Irish theatre
~The Irish Examiner

The Merchant of Venice

Corcadorca has outdone itself with’ The Merchant of Venice’. Brilliantly convincing.
~The Guardian *****

Like a child allowed to stay up late to watch some historical event on TV, the audience of Corcadorca’s The Merchant of Venice will always remember it with a warm and magical glow.
~The Irish Examiner *****

The Merchant of Venice’ is a triumph for Corcadorca and a marvellous experience for the people of Cork
~The Irish Times

Outstanding. I have seen nothing like it before.
~Irish Independent

One of the most keenly awaited events of 2005 was brought to life with enormous skill. Absolutely rocking – an altogether memorable experience.
~The Evening Echo

Losing Steam

Corcadorca’s Losing Steam is a tribal event…Little pieces of dramatic gold
~Evening Echo

Corcadorca has done it again. The company has really pushed the boat out!
~The Sunday Tribune

This Corcadorca production joins theatre’s invaluable catalogue of history plays, telling it like it was, and will be.
~The Irish Times

One of Ireland’s most innovative theatre companies once again challenges the imagination
~Irish Examiner

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Spell binding. Hushed audiences forget for a few hours that magic is not real. The acting is almost universally superb
~The Sunday Tribune

The Trial of Jesus

Ground breakers in a theatrical sense. Ranks as the single most impressive cultural contribution to the millennium year bar none.
~The Irish Examiner

Moving, iconic yet utterly contemporary, an image of exhilarating desolation burned into memories
~The Irish Times

Hatch 22

There is no space – perhaps even on earth – that Corcadorca Theatre Company cannot transform
~The Irish Times


A brief and intense roller coaster, a fast paced, darkly comic dose of magic realism
~Evening Echo

Phaedra’s Love

Manages to seduce and repel and ultimately enthral not only in what it does but also in what it tries to do. Theatre should be brave more often.
~The Sunday Tribune

Disco Pigs

A firecracker of a show. If you’ve seen it before, go again. If you haven’t…storm the building for a ticket
~The List, Edinburgh Fringe

The hottest, sweetest ticket in Edinburgh
~The Guardian

Corcadorca are pushing out the parameters of performance theatre
~The Irish Examiner

The disturbance lasts after the house lights come up again. Something has happened!
~The Sunday Independent

A Clockwork Orange

A terrifying world wind of action
~The Examiner

Sensual, erotic, violent and viciously exuberant
~The Sunday Times

If you ever wondered ‘why theatre at all?” Corcadorca provide a good answer
~Irish Theatre Magazine

The Ginger Ale Boy

Fast, funny and heartbreaking
~The Sunday Times

Corcadorca are very young and very talented. One of the most innovative theatre companies in the country.
~The Arts Show

A Christmas Carol

This is a very radical production. It is a mixture of pantomime, carnival and stylised theatre. It’s a spectacle.
~The Arts Show

There is power in this reworking, skill, conviction and charm…a kind of political spiritualism.
~The Irish Times


Greek is an exciting, compelling and poignant chunk of theatre.
~The Irish Times

The appetite for the kind of excitement promised by Corcadorca productions brings an eager crowd
~The Irish Times

An astonishing combination of multi-media spectacle and theatrical pageant.
~The Sunday Tribune


Owl, literally, defies description. It sets out to challenge conventional wisdom and does so admirably, with panache.
~Irish Examiner